Josh Kramer / The Eagle, Washington DC - Switzerland

2006 novembre 20  [English]

Marc Monteleone is a Swiss artist who moved to D.C. last year. Since arriving, he has been working on a series of small acrylic square paintings. Each work features a close-up shot of exterior architecture on buildings in D.C. Some are more recognizable than others, like the dome of the Jefferson Memorial. Other pieces appear to be collages of rectangular shapes that resemble stained glass.

Truly inspired by architecture downtown, Monteleone says that D.C. is "maybe the most European-looking American city." He also finds reflections that buildings make in other buildings interesting and worthy of artistic exploration.

Upstairs in his Dupont studio/home, Monteleone showed larger paintings of Turin, Italy, and some city paintings still in development. For a European artist that has been showing for two decades, his first collection in America is modest but promising and interesting.

JOSH KRAMER (THE EAGLE, Washington DC, 11/20/06)